Begins on its own,
No evidence denies,
Though often shown first
Over an ancestor’s eyes.

The process is tepid,
Far done when decrepit,
By then, we’ll just call it a tie.

For us, the losses seem endless.
Our soil has lost its defenses.
Til all that’s intact
Are the roots in the back
Between the two pale and bare mountains.


Film Idea

Entirely told through texts in stationary settings!
While the only sound is background noise-
Ends with!
Like in all the tips!
You find your favorite moment…
The climax!
This has to be the best event to imagine;
To love every second of it.
As if it connected,
And sent bursts of sparks spiraling in search
of the before and after;
to dig out every second of it.

Moving on, I got more ideas…

What’s Holding Us Back?

What’s holding us back from progress?
Scientists breed evidence, no less.
Our skies now burn a brownish hue,
Oceans rise, glaciers in our dew;
Nothing natural, just our very own mess.

Those who know can’t further express
Concern for this global distress.
If there’s no fact, not stat askew,
What’s holding us back?

The science of fact is not meant to impress,
Though the media feels it must suppress
Through erroneous discourse they love to spew
To appease an audience they misconstrue.
The power to ask, we truly possess,
What’s holding us back?