Saving our planet from climate collapse
Opponents predict economic relapse
Lessons leave students with lofty high hopes
As politics present roadblocks that pull us by ropes
Respond and exploit these dubious gaps

Whistle awhile, you’ve created your own
Imagine containing entire cyclones
New data proves these turbines share promise
Doubtful skeptics care only for profits

Harnessing water seems a laborious chore
Yet global coverage means a limitless store
Dams worldwide boast massive returns
Rivers with flooding no longer concern
Our actions now build our future’s core


The Ballad of Medusa’s Raft (Inspired by The Raft of the Medusa)

Waves rise and curl in approach
Demanding their next gift.
Another vessel taken,
As boards rip and split.

A lone, meager sail
Fights to fulfill its purpose
Despite its overburdened load
Lay perched atop the surface.

Though taken to escape,
They face a moral gamble:
Affix your eyes on what’s out of sight,
Or turn to help who scramble.

Details mask the parallel of today
As thousands become units of exchange.
We disconnect the cause and effect
As if these wars will one day change.