Raised on the eroding sands of ol’ Cape Cod, I survived puberty by strapping ice-knives to my feet and escaping into the wonderful worlds of Tamriel, ToonTown, even our very own Terra. Through high school, I charted a course for self-sufficiency and independence – with natural talent and a healthy job market for finance & accounting (also the name of my Simon & Garfunkel tribute-duo.) These goals, however safe and sane, were eventually ousted as unable to fuel my academic fire beyond freshman year.

Thus began a much-needed identity crisis. The four years that followed focused on habituating open-mindedness, self-discipline, and proactive-exploration; on pursuing personal passions in tandem with sincere criticism, aimed at improving the lives of others (at any rate) in a manner that is uniquely align with my technical capabilities and artistic vision.

In this last summer, I achieved that highly-coveted creative writing degree, specializing in screenwriting and the ever-compounding spectrum of digital formats. Life goals include traveling the world on a shoestring budget and crafting engaging and thought-provoking stories. If this universe-shattering background excites your eyes and/or electric thought-jelly in the slightest, I urge you to stick around, share your thoughts, and don’t be afraid to pass my work around like a leaking bag of wine.


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